Upgrading, Canceling or Pausing Your Account

Upgrading, Canceling or Pausing Your Account

Before changing your plan, please be sure to re-review our Billing Policy.

Upgrading your account

To change your plan, whether to upgrade for production or to pause your account, please email support@nabld.com. To view your current plan, go to your BILLING tab under your Brand Account. See a screen shot below for guidance:

Pausing your account

We understand life can get in the way of growing your business. To pause your account, but maintain your account status, data and products, please email support@nabld.com. Once our team confirms receipt, your subscription will be changed to the Pause Plan.
If you are on the Pause Plan, you still get access to:
  1. FOR DESIGNERS Facebook Group
  2. Information about exclusive opportunities for N.A.bld Brands
If you are on the Pause Plan, you do not get access to:
  1. Production and PO creation
  2. Manufacturers and bidding
  3. Services
What is the difference between pausing and deleting my subscription?
If you delete your account, all of your information including POs, customer, and product data will be deleted. 

Canceling your Account

Canceling your N.A.bld account will remove all tech pack and production data on the account. To cancel you account, please email support@nabld.com to confirm you are OK with this data deletion. If you do not confirm in the initial email, we will ask you to confirm before deleting the information and closing your account.
If you do not want to delete your data, we'd recommend downgrading to the Pause Plan to maintain your data until you are ready to move forward.

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