Submitting to N.A.bld Technical Design Concierge Team

Submitting to N.A.bld Technical Design Concierge Team

As an N.A.bld subscriber, you get access to our talented Technical Design and Production Team to review your tech pack for pricing/quotes on services or to review any missing or confusing items. Submissions to the N.A.bld Technical Design Concierge team are free and unlimited. You can submit to the team if you line is complete or if you have a question about an item. 

Why should you submit your line?

Do you need some help with your tech pack? Are you looking for resources to bring your sketch to life? Or are you ready to start selling the line on Nineteenth Amendment's opt-in marketplace? These are all great reasons to submit your line for review.

How to submit your line

To submit your line, press the SUBMIT button in the upper right hand corner to submit your tech packs for a full review from our team. We review each tech pack within 48 hours as part of our service to make sure it is ready-to-go for manufacturing.

Submissions are also used to submit your complete line for sale on Nineteenth Amendment’s marketplace if you choose to participate. Once your line is complete for pre-sale, submit your line and include a proposed LAUNCH DATE. 

Once you submit your line, you cannot edit it without contacting the N.A.bld team and it will display as PENDING. If you have any edits, email us at

What to expect after your line has been submitted

If you submit your line for a quote for services, our team will get back to you within 24 hours with a quote.
If you submit your line for selling on Nineteenth Amendment and all photographs are approved with adequate info, you will receive a followup confirming your launch date and next steps.
If you submit your line and it needs additional work or your tech packs need additional information, the line will be released back to you to make edits and resubmit.

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