Selling on Nineteenth Amendment Marketplace

Selling on Nineteenth Amendment Marketplace

Quick FAQs about selling on

  1. Does it cost anything to sell on if I am an N.A.bld subscriber?
    No! If you are on our In-House or Production Plan, it is free to sell on Nineteenth Amendment. There are no listing fees or fees to post per SKU. We do however take a 10% of the sales price. You can compare our marketplace to others here.
  2. Do I have to sell pre-order?
    Nope! You can choose to hold inventory if you'd like - but we'd recommend low amounts with just-in-time production.
  3. Do I have to make all my products in the USA?
    Yes, finishing and assembly of products must take place in the USA.
  4. Do I have to manufacturer all my products with N.A.bld manufacturers?
    No. If you choose to make yourself or with your own production partner we just need the contact information so we can verify the location.
  5. Do I have to accept returns?
    No! Each product can have a unique returns policy so depending on your product, you can choose whether you'd like to do returns. We typically recommend however, unless you are customizing products, to do 14 day returns.
  6. Is there a required shipping method?
    No, you can ship however you see fit. Shipping price should be included in the total price of the product.
  7. Do I have to sell on pre-sale?
    We recommend launching with a pre-sale but you do not have to sell on pre-sell if you choose not to.
  8. What happens if I get a return?
    If you accept returns, please make sure you include return instructions in your original shipment. If a customer would like to return a product, and you have already been paid out, we will invoice you for the total of the sale.
  9. How do I get paid for the product?
    If you accept 14 day returns, we typically pay out 14 days after the item has shipped to your PayPal Account or via check.
  10. I've uploaded all my product details in N.A.bld - How do I get my products on
    To sell on Nineteenth Amendment, you must first submit your line to our team. Please see instructions to submit your line here. Our team will review your tech packs and products for the requirements (listed below) and confirm your desired launch date. Please note, we have photography rules and additional requirements to ensure quality control on the marketplace, so please review these before submitting. Please contact if you have any questions.

What kind of marketing is included on the Nineteenth Amendment marketplace?

Nineteenth Amendment is all about helping brands tell their design and inspiration stories and help talented brands bring their products to market. We help brands market thier collections in a few ways:
1) When a collection is submitted to Nineteenth Amendment, it is launched at the brand owner's preferred date on pre-order.  When launch occurs, we send out dedicated emails to our database of USA-made fashion fans to learn more about the brands and the designs.
2) We also include additional social posts across out Instagram and Facebook channels. 
3) Brands are invited to participate in our Brand Spotlight content series - also shared across channels
4) Once brands are up and selling, they are invited to opt in to additional press or PR opportunities like stylist pulls, features, and more - including live shoppable runways. 
In order to take advantage of all these great offerings, you do have to finalize your products first and get them live on the site for sale. If you need any assistance with this, please contact us at

Requirements for Nineteenth Amendment

In order to sell on Nineteenth Amendment, you must have:

  • Complete tech packs for each product that include:

    • Estimated time to delivery/lead time for products

    • Retail and pre-sale price (with your shipping cost included in that price)

  • Three product shots for each product with the dimensions 2240 pixels wide by 4000 pixels high 150 DPI with white background (or relative sizing). See example below

    • One front ghost product image

    • One front on model image (we also highly recommend a back image if relevant)  

  • At least one editorial image for your Line with dimensions 1800 x 750 pixels 150 DPI and a maximum of 20 MB in size. See example below.

  • Line description and title

  • A production-ready sample

  • A chosen production partner as represented by a quote/bid (or in-house production indicated in tech pack)

  • Ability to accept returns in 14 days

Note: If you are doing custom or non-returnable items, you must indicate this in your tech pack SELL tab.

Fulling Your Nineteenth Amendment Orders

Once you have sold, Purchase Orders will be created automatically for you with all the relevant customer and sale information in your PRODUCTION tab. You will receive an email when a new PO is created and will have to assign that PO to your chosen manufacturer when your pre-sale is over.

The new PO includes the cut ticket, bill of materials (BOM), production updates, and fulfillment information so that you can get started making your products right away!

Head to Picking a Manufacturer to get next steps on the Production Plan or, if you are on the In-House Plan and manufacturing yourself, proceed to Ordering and Shipping Materials to get your next steps.

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