Reviewing your Tech Pack

Reviewing your Tech Pack

As you have fill in the information to create your product, your tech pack will begin to build!

How do I review my tech pack?

To review your tech pack, click the REVIEW tab within your product to view the complete tech pack.

If your tech pack is incomplete, your review page will tell you where you are currently missing information required to be considered a "complete" tech pack. At the top of the page, you will see red bulleted text that lists our each area where your tech pack could be improved. Once you fix or add the necessary data, your tech pack will be complete!

If you don't understand why your tech pack is incomplete or would like an additional review by our Technical Designer Concierge Team, you can always SUBMIT you line's tech packs for review.

How do I see my materials costs?

Once you tech pack is complete, you will be able to see a complete breakdown of the COGs based on the tech pack information entered. It will update if or when you edit any of the existing costing information. This is a great way to understand your per unit costs before you go into production!

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