Requesting a Quote

Requesting a Quote

What is a quote?

A quote price is an estimated Cost of Production (CoP) for labor from the manufacturer based on timing, volumes, and your tech pack. Manufacturers know this is not the final Purchase Order with the amount you are actually ordering. If you are getting a sample done, the quote may include more than just labor and any services will be noted in description.

Manufacturers are obligated to respond to your quote request within 2-3 business daysIf you have any issues with any of the manufacturers, please let us know but keep in mind, working with your brand is ultimately at the manufacturers discretion. 

IN HOUSE PLAN: If you are on the In-House Plan and producing items in your own atelier you are not required to get a quote from a manufacturer, though we recommend that you have a backup manufacturer in place if production needs surpass your atelier’s capabilities. If you are interested in using the UPDATES feature to manage your own production internally, we can create a manufacturer account for your atelier to use – simply contact us to onboard your manufacturing partner.

How to request a quote

Note: You must have a COMPLETE tech pack uploaded before you can browse manufacturers and request a quote. If you do not see the COMPLETE status under your item, you may be missing information crucial to accurate bids. Learn more about Step 1 - Creating a product - building out your product and tech pack here.

Once your tech pack information is uploaded, submit a quote request to a manufacturer. Simply choose your tech pack and click GET QUOTES to submit quote requests to manufacturers.  You can request either a SAMPLE quote or a PRODUCTION quote - we'd always recommend sampling with a manufacturer before full production.

We also suggest you check out our facilities page to get a better understanding of different manufacturers’ capabilities by clicking the VIEW MANUFACTURERS button on the quote request page (see below), It is important to review and read the manufacturing descriptions before requesting a quote.

What does a quotes include? 

Once you have reviewed the manufacturers, you can request a quote that includes both a sample bid as well as a per unit bid for production at 1, 10, 50 and 100 units. Note, a sample quote is for you to test production with a manufacturer and may include one round of minor alterations to get your perfect sew by sample.

Please note, the price quotes is PER UNIT COST FOR LABOR to assemble your product and does not include shipping or other services unless noted.

Note: You MUST confirm you have a pattern in addition to your complete tech pack in order to request a quote. If you do not have a pattern, please contact for assistance. Any delay in receiving a pattern will cause a delay in your production process.
Should you like to move forward with a sample run, simply create a purchase order for a production sample and pick the manufacturer of your choice from whom you received a quote!

What if my manufacturer hasn't gotten back to me?

N.A.bld manufacturers typically take 2-3 business days to reply to your quote but they are also busy people - making your products! If you don't hear back, feel free to reach out to them directly via phone or email on their profile page.

How to pick your manufacturer

N.A.bld makes it easy to compare the bids you get back. Each manufacturer will submit pricing for the labor at various quantities as well as any additional notes about working with their company and services they provide. Review these and their company profiles carefully before moving onto production and always feel free to get in touch with the manufacturer directly if you have questions! 

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