Managing Products and Pre-sales with N.A.bld and Your Shopify Store

Managing Products and Pre-sales with N.A.bld and Your Shopify Store

To begin, make sure your app is connected to your Shopify store by checking your brand info page. If you have not connected to your Shopify store, learn how to connect here.

How to push products to your Shopify store

Watch this brief video to learn how to push your product to your Shopify store or follow the instructions below:

To push products to your store, click the PUSH button that displays on hover once your Shopify store is connected.
NOTE - you cannot push a product that is incomplete and you cannot push a product if there is no store connectt

Once your product is pushed, log into your Shopify store to edit the details. You can edit all details as you'd like in Shopify like updating the description or adding tags but do not alter the SKUs for your products variants.
We recommend editing options like Collection, tags, and product type so that they work with your store theme.

How to create different color products in Shopify

In N.A.bld, different color products exist as two unique product tech packs in the app. You can sell different color products in two ways:
1. Push each product tech pack as separate products to present and sell separately
2. Push one single product in Shopify to contain both color variants.
To create a single product in Shopify that has both of your color variants, you will need to create the second color variant manually in the initial color product you pushed and update the SKUs for the second variation. Please contact so we can assist you with this!

What happens during my pre-sale?

During your pre-sale, the N.A.bld app collects the sales in your Shopify store and creates a Production Order for each item that sells.
When you make your first sales, you will see a new PO created with that product with the initial number of items ordered. As more orders come in, your LIVE Production order will continue to collect the sales until you put the PO into production by selecting your manufacturer.

How to put your pre-sale orders into production with N.A.bld Manufacturers

To put your pre-sale PO into production, simply click the "Manufacturer" box on your cut ticket and select a manufacturer.

How to put your pre-sale orders into production with IN-HOUSE Production

If you are manufacturing in-house, simply add a PO update to indicate the PO is now in production like "Material Ordered". This will change the status of your PO to "In-Production" and it will no longer collect additional Shopify orders. 
If you choose to continue selling your product on pre-order after your intial PO, N.A.bld will create a new PO for the product as additional orders come in.

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