Picking a Manufacturer

Picking a Manufacturer

How to pick a manufacturer

Picking your future manufacturing partner is an important step to your successful production. On N.A.bld, we provide full manufacturer profiles and contact information of our vetted network of production facilities so you can pick the partner that is right for you.

In order to view manufacturer profiles, you MUST have a complete tech pack. Why? Because we want to respect both brand and manufacturers time and make sure Brand's are ready to engage with the right partner.

Reviewing manufacturer profiles

To review our manufacturer profiles. click on the blue "manufacturers" link in the quote request form.

This link will open a new page with each of the manufacturer profiles. Click VIEW to see the individual profiles and contact information.

If you have any questions about the manufacturers, please feel free to reach out to our team via chat or email and we are happy to make suggestions based on your product and chosen operating model.

Selecting a manufacturer

To start working with a manufacturer, create a new Purchase Order or open an automatically batched order and select the manufacturer you would like to work with from the drop down.
You can only pick a manufacturer who has submitted a bid on your production. If you would like to work with a manufacturer who has not submitted a bid, please resubmit a bid and contact that manufacturer.

Once you submit the purchase order (PO), an email will be sent to your selected manufacturer to accept and get started. You will be notified when they accept and can begin ordering materials. The manufacturer has 48 hours to review and accept the purchase order.

Onboarding your own manufacturer

At N.A.bld, we want you to streamline your production. If you have an amazing production partner already - that’s great! You can always onboard your own manufacturing partner to the platform.

To request access for your manufacturing partner, email us at hello@nabld.com with the name and email address of the point-of-contact (POC) for your production partner.

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