Kicking Off Your Production

Kicking Off Your Production

Congrats! Your bidding was successful and you have a new Production Order (PO)!

The Production tab is where you can see incoming production orders, enter updates on production, and print out or view cut tickets and tech packs. From here, you can view production based on what is In-Progress, Complete, and New (or yet to be accepted).
This is great for managing the status in real-time of your production projects and generating Work-In-Progress views.

How to accept a Purchase Order (PO)

  • To start, click into the Production Order (PO) for each garment by clicking the blue PO number (PO #)

  • Accept the order by clicking YES.

If you do not want to accept the order, select NO.
An email will be generated to you and the brand with next steps.
  • View the Cut Ticket Overview for the PO complete with shipping address, due date, status, and agreed upon price. You can print out this cut ticket by clicking the printer icon in the upper right.

How to decline a Purchase Order 

  • To start, click into the Production Order (PO) for each garment by clicking the blue PO number (PO #)

  • Reject or decline the PO by clicking "No" button.

Once you decline a PO - that PO will no longer be displayed in your Production tab and you will not be able to re-accept the PO unless a brand re-submits a PO to you.

How to upload your invoices

We advise all manufacturers to kick off a PO after accepting it by uploading your first 50% invoice for production. To upload your invoice, click on the BILLING & PAYMENT tab:
  • Upload your invoice for the first 50% of payment, or the full amount.

  • Enter the amount, payment terms, and preferred payment method for payment.

Now you are all set! to enter your production updates! For more information on invoicing, click here.

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