Getting Paid as a Production Partner

Getting Paid as a Production Partner

We consider our manufacturers our most prized partners - that is why we encourage you to invoice 50% upfront and tell designers to expect that.

Ultimately, how you bill is up to you as well as your preferred method of payment but we suggest uploading your invoice in the PO and adding a production update about the invoice and your expectations around payment before shipping so it is clear to the brand. To review how to add updates to production, visit our production management page.

Brands are responsible for payment to the manufacturer partner as per the Terms and Conditions. 

How to upload your invoice (Mobile)

You can invoice easily from your mobile device. Simply go to Production > Click the blue PO # > Click the right arrow until you reach Billing & Payment > Hit ADD INVOICE and add the info into the form.  We also suggest uploading the invoice from your accounting platform with preferred payment method. Please see images below:

How to upload your invoice (Desktop)

To upload an invoice, navigate to the BILLING & PAYMENT section of your PO and click ADD INVOICE button.

Once you do, you will see a form to enter details about your invoice including the total, the date due and any notes or instructions around preferred payment. You can even upload a PDF of the invoice by clicking ADD FILES.

Why should I add an invoice?

It's important to document your invoices. By uploading your invoice, you trigger the beginning of the PO as most brands are instructed to wait for your invoice for work to begin.

This helps the brand also track expenses through the system and unpaid items over time.

We are working on additional payment and accounting integrations in the future - so hold tight!

What to do after my invoice is paid

After your invoice is paid, be sure to return to you BILLING & PAYMENT section to mark that the invoice has been paid by clicking the check box in the PAID? column. This way the brand knows you have received the payment and the items will ship or they are free to start sending materials.

How to remove an invoice

If you've made a mistake on an invoice and need to remove it, simply click the REMOVE button next to the invoice line item.
Please note, this action cannot be undone once removed.

More questions on getting paid?

Contact us at for more or any feedback.

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