Creating a Product and Tech Pack

Creating a Product and Tech Pack

In order to create a product, you must create a line or a collection in which your product will live. This line is to help you manage products you would like to merchandise, sell or produce together - for example, Spring Summer 2020.

Once you create a line, click ADD next to the products section to upload your product spec details.

As you develop your products, gather and upload the tech pack information for each product you want to manufacture. Tech pack information includes specifications about your item and are shared with manufacturers for pricing quotes and production including:

  • Photos of the item (relevant construction details and callouts)

  • Tag placement information

  • Material sourcing information

  • Notion sourcing information

  • Trim sourcing information

  • Pattern and cut details within a Cutter’s must (also known as a cutter’s list)

  • Flat drawings (also known as technical drawings. Can be either hand or computer drawn)

  • Stitching details

  • Any additional notes relevant to the item’s manufacturing, finishing, order-of-sewing operations and packaging

Duplicating a Product and Tech Pack

Duplicating a product copies the entire tech pack of that product at the time of duplication to create a new product.
To duplicate a product;
1. Click the ADD button to add a new product.
2. In the pop up screen, select DUPLICATE PRODUCT button 

3. Select a previous product from the drop down list that you would like to duplicate.
4. Hit Save.
Voila! You have duplicated a product and it's tech pack!

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