Kick Off Your Production

Kick Off Your Production

Paying to Begin Your Production

Once you have picked a manufacturer, you typically must put down an initial payment to kick-off production. Payment terms are up to the manufacturer but many manufacturers require a percentage payment up front. If the manufacturer accepts, they will upload their invoice. You are responsible for issuing Payment to the manufacturer in the PAY INVOICES area of your PO in order to initiate production.

Ordering and Shipping Materials

Once a manufacturer has accepted your PO, you should start to order your materials to ship directly to your manufacturing partner. We auto-generate the list and quantity of materials you need to order based on your tech packs and what sells. Simply click BUY to be taken to the material’s product page URL and indicate the order confirmation, estimated ship date, and tracking information next to the item to indicate it has been ordered.

You will be prompted via email to ship your sample garments, graded production-ready patterns (if digital file not available), materials and any woven labels and hangtags to the manufacturer. Please include your shipping provider and tracking number for the manufacturer. 

If you did not sample with your manufacturer (and if you did but the sew-by was returned), you will need to send your Production-ready (or sew-by) sample of each item (with size tags and labels) for manufacturers to use as a reference. For manufacturing, samples must be shipped to the manufacturer in one package along with your patterns (if not digitized). Please do not send separate packages of your samples and patterns if possible.

Adding your first "Material Shipper" Production Updates

Once you have ordered and shipped materials, add your first production updates for "Materials Ordered" and "Materials Shipped." These updates trigger automatic emails and notifications to your manufacturer and team to let them know your inputs are on the way. It is in this production updates section where the manufacturer will continue to add updates as production progresses! Click here to review how to manage and respond to production updates.

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