Additional Partner FAQs

Additional Partner FAQs

How do I get started?

The first thing to do once you are on the platform is make sure your company information is completely filled out - including specifics around your company’s specialties in the description field under your account. All designers can view this information. Once that is complete, you should be sure to respond promptly to requests for quotes.

Can I get my other clients to use this system?

Of course! We are always happy to invite more designers onto the tool. For the fastest access, have your brand clients sign up here.

What is the difference between sampling versus one-off production?

If you want to offer pre-production sample development, please indicate it on your manufacturer profile. Designers can request a sample to see the quality of your work and get to a production-ready state with their samples. 

When will I get paid?

We consider our manufacturers partners - that is why we encourage you to invoice 50% upfront and tell designers to expect that. Designers are responsible for payment to the manufacturer and payment is Due on Receipt. If you choose, you can invoice the designer in full.

Where do I put additional legal documents?

Our brand terms cover most of the requirements your company will typically have, however, if you would like to add additional documents for sign off before you begin production, please add a note about this in your bid and once you win the PO, please upload the document within the PO Production Updates.

Who do I consult when I have questions on the tech pack, pattern, or construction of a garment?

All questions should be directed to the designer via the updates section or messaging on the N.A.bld platform. Select ALERT/ISSUE to pose your question and submit it. The designer will be notified to reply. You will also have access to the designer’s phone number and be able to reach them for emergencies if necessary.

What if a brand does not pay?

Manufacturers are encouraged to invoice 50% before production begins, but this is your choice. If designers do not pay upon shipment of goods, you must contact them directly and handle arbitration independently. Designers who do not remit payment within the allotted time frame N.A.bld will remove them from the site. Designers are legally held to this and agree to these terms when they contract a manufacturer. 

What if I go on vacation or can no longer accept orders for a limited time?

We get it! Whether it's taking a much-needed break, moving facilities, or training new staff - occasionally our manufacturing partners need take time off to regroup, re-train, and unwind. Now, N.A.bld Manufacturing Partners can turn on "Vacation Mode" to let their clients know when they are out of the office and N.A.bld brands can see OOTO messages from manufacturers on the manufacturer profiles pages. In addition, when you activate Vacation Mode, you will no longer appear in the quote request drop down (so you will not recieve new requests for quotes) and you will no longer be available for works you have previously bid on.
To activate your company's Vacation Mode, go to My Company tab and click "On Vacation / OOOTO" to indicate you are out of the office with a short message.  Your short vacation message will be displayed on your Company profile page, so brands can still review your profile for updates. To de-activate when ready, simply un-check the vacation mode button and your company available status will be restored.

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