Adding Sell Details

Adding Sell Details

Update your product retail information on the SELL tab

Click on the SELL tab in your Product’s Tech Pack menu. The SELL tab includes information related to selling your product including lead time, limiting the amount you’d like to sell (for exclusivity or due to material restrictions), cost per unit information related to packaging, return instructions, and any existing inventory.

Note! If you are integrating with Shopify - this information should be added to push your retail and pre-sale price with your product information. The pre-sale and retail price will not include your packaging and shipping cogs - these should be managed through Shopify.

How to indicate a product is made in-house

Sometimes - there are products you want to sell and make that you'd like to produce "in-house." If you want to do this consistently for a specific product, you can mark the product as made in house on the SELL Tab.

Once this product sells and is ready for production, you can manage the production "in-house" from your PO in Production. Learn more about managing your in-house production here.

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